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Gate Automation for real peace of mind

An Englishman’s home is his Castle!

But how secure is it? How would you feel if someone managed to get in and cause damage? Well unfortunately in this day and age Burglary affects many of us. Taking steps to improve on home security is always a good thing and having an Automated Gate system installed with Access Control can only be a good thing right? – Well if anything, aswel as the improved appearance and first impression that can be achieved by having such a system (Watch as the Jones’s curtains twitch) Automatic Gate Entry Systems really can be that extra layer of security and may help reduce any potential would be thief from targeting you in the first place.

The strongest, most secure gates are of no value whatsoever if you forget to close them, or if you leave them open ready for your return. But stopping the car to open your gates in the rain and then doing the same again to close them as you drive through can be a really time consuming, not to mention the fact that the time you spent making your hair look amazing – well that has all gone to waste!

On a serious note though – leaving them open because of this inconvenience can soon be remedied with Gate Automation. No longer do you need to worry about getting in and out of the car and nor do you need to worry about leaving them open for prying eyes just because you were rushing. Gate Automation fixes all that!

Gate Automation in Yorkshire & Lincolnshire

Gate automation means that your gate is opened and closed for you as you leave or arrive, so you stay warm and dry and pass through quickly and easily. It also guarantees that your gates are closed and locked securely after each and every use. Not only is this convenient for you and your family, but it also works for your visitors too. Adding a visual audio intercom, you can quickly see who is calling and operate the gates to welcome them in. Or indeed, this also works the other way, automatically barring entrance to unwelcome callers.

Gate automation is simple to install and can be designed to fit most existing gate systems. There are many different systems available with different features and benefits but once installed, it can be remotely operated, either from your home or your vehicles, with ease.

Installing Automatic Gates in Yorkshire & Lincolnshire

Installing automatic gates means you can rest assured that whatever the weather, and no matter how much of a rush you are in, your gates will continue to protect your property and keep your home and family safe and sound.

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